MEV DBR1 replica

Far from taking christmas off it would seem the the boys and girls at MEV have been busy putting the finishing touches to their latest creation, and what a belter it is! Sticking to their tried and tested formula the MEV chaps are rolling out an Aston Martin DBR1 replica based on the venerable MX5 chassis which has been the donor car for several of their recent kit car offerings.
So what is the Aston Martin DBR1? Well it was built as a racer to compete in the likes of theLe Mans races of the late 50′s, which it successfully won, and was driven by the likes of Stirling Moss and Carroll Shelby. As a 50′s racer it it has the beautiful lines that are so reminiscent of cars like the Jag D & E type, if you are in any doubt as to its beauty then have a look at the picture below


Now there are only 3 original DBR1′s out there and they sell for in the region of 20m each so the £5000 that MEV are asking for a comprehensive kit looks like a proper bargin, and with only 3 others on the road at the moment exclusivity is guaranteed!
The £5000 kit price is a limited offer for the first few orders (not sure how many) and includes the chassis, glass fibre gel coat body that has been finished, lighting kit, internal panels and various nuts n bolts. This is an amazing package and i can’t imagine these will take too long to shift. There is no word yet as to how much the full kit price will be once this offer has expired.
As said, the standard mxr mk1/2 can be used which will mean using the 1.8L 4 pot engine, if you did want to add a bit of orthenticity, not to emntion extra power then the chassis can modified to take either V8′s of Jag straight 6′s though whether this can be done after the car has been built is something you would need to take up with Stuart mills. There is a build thread on the MEV forum where the first person to be build one is hoping to retro fit a straight 6 so that would be well worth following. Just to note, it is possible to fit wire wheels to the MK5 axles so you will be able to keep the car looking totally original.

More info regarding this andd all MEV kits can be found on their website and forum

Date 01.02.2013

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